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After having Sage take two years off from events due to the pandemic, it is wonderful to get to see many of our partners and friends in person once again this year.

We were pleased to be able to attend several of the keynote sessions at Sage Partner Summit, alongside partners representing many of the different ERP and CRM systems. Though Sage didn’t often address systems directly by name, it was clear that they had a large focus on Intacct – based on descriptions of functionality and who the speakers were.

Here comes Artificial Intelligence!

A major theme of the event was regarding the addition of AI. Sage has been careful to approach it thoughtfully and with great vision as they begin to integrate it into their systems. We recognize that new technology can be daunting for some. Rest assured that both Sage and DataSelf are committed to implementing AI with the kind of care and functionality that you can trust. In the coming year it will be important to understand what AI can and cannot do. And we will be right alongside you to light the way.

One thing that hasn’t changed is how DataSelf provides easier, faster, and better reporting for any Sage ERP system. Our modern Business Intelligence technology is continuously being updated and improved. This ensures that your clients have access to high level and affordable reporting, dashboards, and intelligence.

How does DataSelf specifically benefit your clients’ different Sage business systems?


DataSelf has an incredibly solid data warehouse with ETL+ that is especially helpful for Intacct users. Our data warehouse stands above the rest with:

  • Fast performance
  • Easy data consolidation
  • Secure data extraction and analytics
  • And more.

In addition, our data warehouse and BI technology make it easy to combine reporting with a variety of other systems that your clients may be using including SalesForce, HubSpot, POS Systems, and others. Not to mention, when companies eventually make the move from a legacy ERP system over to Intacct, they find DataSelf technology critical to maintaining real-time views of live and historical data throughout the transition. This affords them access to a complete view of everything from:

  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Inventory
  • Contract history
  • Data blending
  • And others.

Sage X3

In line with our X3 clients, many X3 partners have communicated that our BI competitors don’t meet the needs for some of their clients. From lack of power and overly complex processes for everyday users, to being difficult to maintain – there are just too many hoops to jump through. X3 users appreciate the power, ease of use, and modern BI platform that DataSelf provides. Even better, our ever-evolving technology already incorporates AI.

Another incredible benefit of DataSelf BI and Sage X3 is in our Data Warehouse. We extensively support Tableau and Power BI, as well as other tools like Domo, ClickView and Excel. We offer the benefit of a variety of options – depending on whatever works best for your client.

Sage 100

We realize that though Sage 100 is ultimately a ‘legacy’ software at this point, many organizations continue to be happy with it and are not inclined to make any significant changes. For those – DataSelf is an amazing addition to their current platform.

Our modern BI can help them overcome the challenges they face. From outdated reporting and dashboards to the lack of AI access that a legacy system brings, our technology can help. No matter if Sage is on Providex or MS SQL, DataSelf BI offers an affordable solution to give business users access to data anytime and anywhere with ease, power, and speed. Whenever they are ready to make the decision to move onto a new ERP platform, our Data Warehouse will make the reporting side of the transition much smoother.

Sage 300

While many organizations are content with their Sage 300 ERP system and are not looking to make any changes, they recognize that using a ‘legacy’ software will have certain challenges. The most obvious being outdated reporting and dashboards – and a lack of access to AI as it is rolled out. For those – DataSelf is an amazing addition to their Sage 300 ERP platform.

Our modern BI will not only breathe new life into their reporting process, but it will also give them access to AI. DataSelf BI offers an affordable solution with ease, power, and speed. Should they eventually decide to make the move onto a new ERP platform, our Data Warehouse will make the reporting side of the transition much smoother.

Sage 500

For those with clients who are resistant to overhauling their Sage 500 ERP system, DataSelf BI technology can help them get the most out of their existing software. One of the bigger pain points of an aging ERP system is in a lagging reporting process and poor access to the true data they need to see to make important decisions.

Thankfully, DataSelf offers BI technology that can blend seamlessly with legacy systems. This gives users new-tech access to up-to-date reporting, dashboards, and AI. DataSelf BI offers an affordable solution with the priceless benefits of ease, power, and speed. If they decide down the road to upgrade their ERP platform, our Data Warehouse will drastically improve the transition, maintaining data visibility and reporting throughout.

Sage CRM

DataSelf BI offers an affordable solution for Sage CRM to give business users access to the data they need – when they need it. Our technology provides unmatched ease, power, and speed with up-to-date reporting, dashboards, and AI layers.

If you are interested in learning more about how DataSelf can take your client’s Sage Systems’ reporting to the next level, please contact us at

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