Why You Should Include DataSelf Analytics in Every ERP Deal

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Why You Should Include DataSelf Analytics in Every ERP Deal

By including DataSelf Analytics in every ERP deal, you increase your likelihood of beating your competition, you’re better able to handle ERP data migrations, you’ll be more persuasive with the client’s decision-makers, and you’ll set yourself up for lucrative consulting opportunities in the future.

The top 3 reasons why you should include DataSelf Analytics in your clients’ ERP quotes are:

1)      ERP software doesn’t include BI-level analytics. Customers expect analytics as part of their ERP solution. By including an analytics component as part of your client’s overall ERP solution, you distinguish your solution from any competitors’ ERP that doesn’t include an analytics module.

2)      DataSelf helps with data migrations and lets you deliver custom reports faster. When moving to a new ERP, DataSelf enables the blending of ‘old’ & ‘new’ ERP data – while simultaneously reducing the amount of time required to create custom reports.

3)      DataSelf differentiates your offer from your other BI solutions.  With its unique combination of proprietary ETL+ and the industry’s top-rated BI engines (Tableau & Power BI), no other BI solution can rival DataSelf’s combination of power, ease-of-use, and ROI.

And if you need more reasons why DataSelf should be included with the ERP sale . . .

4)      DataSelf is the ‘eye-candy’ in ERP deals. Clients buy what they find visually appealing; DataSelf’s dynamic charts, drill-down, selective grouping, and geographic mapping, provide that appeal.

5)      It gives clients 90% of the analytics they need day #1.  Because of its library of 8,000+ reports & dashboards, DataSelf starts providing meaningful business insight the day it’s installed.

6)      It lets clients make projections.  DataSelf projects future behavior (e.g., stock shortages) and plays-out future scenarios (e.g., “do I have enough stock if sales increase by 15%?”).

7)      It lets non-techies create and run their own reports.  With DataSelf’s ‘natural language query’, users have a plain-English, Google-search like ability to create their own reports.

8)      It reduces the run-time of reports.  Using its proprietary ETL+ technology, DataSelf optimizes data retrieval and generates most reports in under 10 seconds.

9)      It provides enterprise-wide insight. By combining data from multiple apps (e.g., ERP, CRM, Excel), DataSelf provides enterprise-level, cross-departmental awareness.

See ‘the DataSelf Difference’ for yourself by visiting  https://www.dataself.com/ and watching the 14-minute product overview video or signing-up for a free trial of DataSelf Analytics.

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