Why DataSelf Analytics Are a “Must-Have” for You (& Your Clients)

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Why DataSelf Analytics Are a “Must-Have” for You (& Your Clients)

DataSelf Analytics should be a de facto part of every ERP deal you do with your clients. The benefits – to both you and your client – are detailed below.

You should include DataSelf Analytics in your clients’ ERP quotes because:

1)      It differentiates you from your competition.  95% of the functionality across ERP solutions is the same; ERP plus DataSelf Analytics is a competitive edge versus any other ERP solution.

2)      It’s an immediate benefit to your client.  DataSelf is deployed within an hour and at the end of day #1, hundreds of analytical dashboards are ready to run.

3)      It’s visually-attractive.  Clients buy what they find visually appealing; DataSelf, with dynamic charts, drill-down, selective grouping, and geographic mapping, provides that appeal.

4)      It opens up doors to other apps.  By connecting DataSelf to a customer’s non-ERP apps you add “client stickiness” and uncover additional consulting opportunities.

5)      It stops revenue-killing custom report requests.  Custom report writing is the lowest revenue-producing VAR activity. DataSelf enables clients to design over 95% of all new reports.

6)      It appeals to your client’s management.  DataSelf gives C-level staff (who sign the checks!) a way to monitor their ERP system to determine their company’s (& their own) success.

7)      It leverages a client’s old data.   Moving data to a new ERP is always a concern; with its legacy data integration, DataSelf mitigates that by providing insight on existing datasets.

8)      It validates the use of the ERP.   By providing statistics on the usage of the ERP app itself, DataSelf gives continual proof of the value of an ERP implementation.

9)      It saves time.  Unlike an ERP implementation (which consumes lots of time), DataSelf (on day #1) will run reports that used to take hours – in less than a minute.

10)   It adds to your perceived ERP expertise.  With its library of 8,000+ reports, DataSelf increases your client’s perception of your knowledge of ERP.

Lastly, you should include DataSelf Analytics in your clients’ ERP quotes because it’s an easy sell . . .

  • Just show your prospect a list of the most popular analytical reports and dashboards that come out-of-the-box with DataSelf. No client is going to say “No – I don’t need those.
  • The 14 minute recorded overview of the DataSelf solution is typically all they need to see.
  • Your clients can try DataSelf for free for 30 days.


Your clients will want DataSelf Analytics included in their ERP solution because:

1)      It provides progressive drill-down.  ‘Standard’ ERP reports are static; a few offer limited (single-level) drill-down. DataSelf allows for the progressive drilling-down to transactional-level detail.

2)      It lets them automate report consolidation.  Clients often need to combine data from multiple reports and spreadsheets to get what they want. DataSelf automates this process.

3)      It reduces the number of reports needed.  DataSelf’s reports & dashboards allow for a single report to be viewed from different perspectives – such as sales by revenue, profit, or COGS.

4)      It allows data to be viewed visually.  DataSelf supports a wide variety of graphic output formats – including geographically, with ancillary outputs to spreadsheets and other documents.

5)      It enables users to say “what if . . . “.  Playing-out potential future scenarios (e.g., “what if sales increase or decrease by 15%?”) DataSelf gives user greater insight into their business.

6)      It lets them make accurate future projections.  By leverage past performance statistics, DataSelf can accurately project future behavior – such as estimating upcoming stock shortages.

7)      It lets non-techies create and run their own reports.  With DataSelf’s ‘natural language query’, users have a plain-English, Google-search like ability to create their own reports.

8)      It gives users 90% of the analytics they need day #1.  Because of its library of 8,000+ reports & dashboards, DataSelf starts providing meaningful business insight the day it’s installed.

9)      It reduces the run-time of most reports to under one minute.  Using its proprietary ETL+ technology, DataSelf optimizes data retrieval and gets users what they need when they need it.

10)   It provides enterprise-wide insight. By combining data from multiple apps (e.g., ERP & CRM), DataSelf provides cross-departmental awareness not available from standard ERP reports.

Keep in mind that although ERP applications have a great deal of functionality in common, there are notable differences between them, and some of those differences are in the area of reporting.

As such, there are a few ERP solutions that offer a few of the above client-requested reporting capabilities. However, no ERP solution currently on the market offers more than half of the previously-listed items, whereas DataSelf Analytics offers all of them.

We encourage clients to judge for themselves how DataSelf addresses those aspects of analysis that are not provided inherently thru an ERP application’s standard selection of reports and dashboards. Please have your clients visit https://www.dataself.com/, review the 14-minute product overview video, and sign up for a free trial of DataSelf Analytics at:


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