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SMB Analytics Wire – Apr 2016


APR 2016


NetaworkDataSelf puts Net@Work ahead with the real numbers

Meetings at Net@work, an IT company, used to stall for lack of real numbers. Someone always had to run off to get an Excel sheet. But all that changed with DataSelf. “Now we know results to the penny.” They say, “The business doesn’t run us anymore. We run the business.” Read more.


Freetrial_greenDataSelf Analytics Trial now available

Test drive DataSelf Analytics in two ways: with a sample database and with your own. Get more information at




 DataSelf Tips & Tricks #2:
Report Distribution Options

3-min video

DataSelf Tips & Tricks #1
Sales pipeline analysis for account managers

Watch this video to learn to use the DataSelf dashboard starter (Tableau-embedded) to quickly analyze and understand your pipeline. 3-min video

Analytics for Sales Team

Sales used to be about relationships and pricing. Now it’s also about information. That information has to be on tap, anytime and anywhere, to drive each step on the way to customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, sales managers need to monitor salesperson performance, both individuals and groups. 45-min recorded webinar

MultiAnalytics for Multi Company

A common challenge in these organization is to run consolidated financial and operational reports. Sometimes all business units run the same ERP system, sometimes there are several ERP systems involved. Regardless, consolidation reporting quite often is a slow and time consuming job.

45-min recorded webinar

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