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Aug 2016


sage-summit1 DataSelf at Sage Summit 2016

DataSelf broke several records at Sage Summit 2016:

  • The largest number of booth visitors
  • More than double the number of people attending our theater session comparing to last year
  • Largest sales volume from Summit
  • Largest number of new prospects
sage-summit2We’re excited that BI is getting lots of traction on the Sage market. People are becoming more
educated about BI, asking better questions, and comparing competing products more
intelligently. This is all great news. The more people understand BI, the easier it is to know where we fit in.
DataSelf is absolutely not for everyone. It’s best for the more data-driven decision makers in medium-sized organizations. These people are the ones who value easy and fast access to data whether in customers’ offices, on the road, anytime and anywhere. We sit comfortably at the top of that BI food chain.


ceoTableau soars with new leadership

We believe this change of leadership will strengthen Tableau Software. The new, more experienced leader, Adam Selipsky, will navigate the company toward a new, modern cloud strategy. Tableau is on a long transition now from selling and marketing at department level to the enterprise/C-level – similar to the transition at AWS that this new CEO helped to lead. Bravo, Tableau!


BellwetherJul_featuredIndustry 4.0 and Big Data make SMB Manufacturer’s more AGILE

Many small manufacturers are pleasantly surprised to know that they are well positioned to execute manufacturing 4.0, the coming of “the smart factory”. Small and medium-sized organizations are actually quicker to make adaptations than larger manufacturers. Read full article



bars2Why Bars Work Better than Donuts

When should you use a donut chart, and when would a bar chart be better? How do readers related to each type? Find out in this short article.


DataSelf Tips & Tricks #4:
DataSelf Analytics  (with Tableau) – Analyzing

10-min video



sagewatchCongratulations Sebrina Webster for winning DataSelf sweepstake!!

Sebrina, Director of IT Applications of Kellogg Supply, Inc. was the big winner of DataSelf Apple watch at Sage Summit 2016.
Thanks for stopping by at our Sage Summit booth, Sebrina!


Upcoming Events


October 11-14 – Tampa, FL
If you attend this event, please look for our founder and CEO, Joni Girardi. He’d love to meet you.


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