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August 2018

Tableau Conference

Tableau Conference provides a rich and fun opportunity for learning Tableau and networking with peers. Join DataSelf for their Happy Hour Event on Tuesday, Oct 23 6 pm.We will announce the location soon.

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Multi-Factor Authentication and DataSelf

Data security is a growing concern among organizations. At the same time, complex VPN procedures make it almost impossible for users to easily and securely access their data over the internet.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA or 2FA) has proven to be a solid way to solve that problem. It dramatically improves security while keeping it simple for users to access their data. However, setting up MFA can be a complex and expensive project.

That changes today! DataSelf just released an easy-to-deploy and inexpensive MFA framework.

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Telling Your Data Story In Seconds

Over the past few weeks we added two more articles to our blog series, “Telling Your Data Story In Seconds.” If you want to explore the science and art behind story telling with data, click the links below.

Visualizations To Avoid

 Benefits of Being a DataSelf Reseller

“As an end user and a reseller of DataSelf, I find myself getting tremendous value from this solution. I work with many BI tools and each bring their own uniqueness. DataSelf is the easiest to get connected to and, right out of the box, I can use the 5,000+ templates. It’s the quickest BI solution available for developing reports in-house. Many BI solutions require additional support to create custom reports, but DataSelf’s drag and drop platform makes it easy to build my own. The prebuilt connectors plug in rapidly, making implementation much faster than traditional BI tools. Overall, DataSelf is a great tool for my needs as well as my client’s.” – Seth Ellertson, Vice President of Sales, Net@Work

Learn some of the benefits to reselling DataSelf.

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