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May 2016



How to build a culture of analytics with DataSelf Analytics culture

When all your decision makers make use of business intelligence, your whole organization becomes more intelligent. That sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Yet many organizations waste data by insisting their business users learn arcane programs designed by engineers.

DataSelf customers, though, are already smarter than average. They’ve chosen a tool that’s designed for ordinary people – those who just want to get on with business.

Go to Tableau’s page to learn how you can create a culture of analytics in your company in a few basic steps. Liberate IT to perform high value work, get answers in seconds, view or share dashboards anytime and anywhere, and answer questions in seconds. Start here.


SMBROIHow one SMB achieved 127% ROI with business intelligence

In a real-life case study, leading analyst firm Forrester applies its Total Economic Impact methodology to measure ROI achieved by several SMB organizations with BI. See how a financial services firm, a hospital, an online media firm, and others used BI to raise productivity and to make more of their resources. One organization actually achieved a 127% ROI.

Learn how they did it in this hour-long webinar.


Freetrial_greenDataSelf Analytics Trial now available

Test drive DataSelf Analytics in two ways: with a sample database and with your own. Get more information at



ValuenceBusiness is changing forever because of big data. But how?

The blog Valuence Analytics asked DataSelf CEO Joni Girardi and 34 other well known big-data experts, “What’s a current trend in big data analytics that you are excited about?”

Click here to learn what they said


why_tableau_blogWhy Tableau? Why DataSelf?

People ask us how Dataself gains from embedding the Tableau engine, and what Tableau gains from DataSelf. Can’t we run DSA alone? Can’t we run Tableau alone? One glance tells you that, yes, of course you could – but the more you know, the more you see the enormous benefit of putting them together.

Learn more


Tableau93DataSelf Analytics 9.3 – New Release

The DataSelf Analytics interface – powered by Tableau 9.3 – lets business people stay in the flow with their data. Users work smarter and faster than ever. Ask your questions, get your answers, and discover questions you didn’t even know you had.

Learn more


DataSelf Tips & Tricks #3:
Total and Subtotals (Tableau)

3-min video

DataSelf Tips & Tricks #2:

Report Distribution Options

Learn how your decision makers can use reports, dashboards, and KPIs with DataSelf Analytics. 3-min video

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