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 September 2017

DataSelf Events

Come visit us!
If you plan to attend the following events, please come see us. We can’t wait to show you the new features of DataSelf v10.3.
Tableau Conference 2017 in Las Vegas
October 9-12, 2017
Booth #333a
Nashville 2017 Summit 
October 10-13, 2017
Booth #864
Breakout session on Thu at 9:15am
Power BI versus Tableau / DataSelf

Three Factors that Keep Your BI Out of a Rut

3 critical elements for valuable insights.
How you select your BI system has a lot to do with the benefits you derive from it. My observations in my 17 years of advising mid-sized organizations – plus observations of one other expert in the field – show three critical elements that decide whether new systems will lift you into new, valuable insights or leave you plowing the same old rut. Read more

Data Quality Issues – a BI Friend or Foe?

How dirty data can be BI’s friend.
I’ve seen many Business Intelligence (BI) projects fail because of data quality issues, but are data quality issues really a BI foe?

It’s true that BI shouldn’t be pushed to a broader user base before its data is clean and reliable. Don’t do it! First impression is critical. If data isn’t reliable, users will likely lose trust and the odds of a failed project go through the roof! Read more

DataSelf Templates

Who needs 5,000 KPIs? No one, really!
As of Aug 2017, we offer 5,000+ reports, dashboards, and KPIs for analyzing initiatives such as AP, AR, financials, inventory, PO, sales, opportunities, and support cases. But who needs 5,000 KPIs?
Putting Decision Makers in the BI Driver’s Seat!
The CFO of one of our current clients told me: “In my prior job, it took months of IT validation before I was able to access DataSelf. I then quickly found out major issues by exploring canned KPIs. It was so invaluable! However, many of the KPIs were working even before the validation. So, I lost months flying blind! For my new project, I want access to DataSelf ASAP, so I can decide which KPIs are ready and what validation and custom work is important.”
It was an enlightening perspective! Since then, we focus on putting decision makers in the BI driver’s seat as early as possible! Our out-of-the-box solution can make that happen in a matter of hours. Read more

Sales pipeline analysis for account managers.

DataSelf Training Videos

Short, sweet and to the point. 
Learn to use this DataSelf dashboard starter (Tableau-embedded) to quickly analyze and understand your pipeline.

Upcoming DS webinars

Power User Training S1: Reports & Dashboards 101
September 20th from 11-12 pm PDT
Data Visualization 101: Grids, Charts and Dashboards
September 27th from 11-11:45 am PDT

Inside the Mind Of … Joni Girardi

Joni Girardi, founder and CEO of DataSelf, provider of DataSelf Analytics.
He and his team have been deploying Business Intelligence (BI) in the mid-market for more than 17 years, helping hundreds of organizations.
He launched his venture to help medium-sized businesses get value from their data. His biggest challenge was finding tools that were complete and polished, not underpowered and inflexible.
So he began development of what became DataSelf Analytics. It has since grown to feature a data warehouse, embedded Tableau, and ready-for-work 5,000 reports, dashboards, and KPIs. His years of experience have given him a deep knowledge of data needs among growing medium-sized businesses. Read more

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About DataSelf:

DataSelf provides best-of-breed and easy-to-use analytics and business intelligence solutions for medium-sized businesses (SMB). Its solutions simplify and amplify Tableau and Microsoft BI technologies. DataSelf brings its own set of 5000 reports, dashboards, and KPIs, plus an ultralight data warehouse for plugging into Everest Software, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Sage CRM, Sage 100 (MAS 90 / MAS 200), Sage 300 (Accpac), Sage 500 (MAS 500), Sage Pro, Sage PFW, Sage ERP X3, Swiftpage SalesLogix, and other systems.

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DataSelf Founder and CEO. Business intelligence. Lover of active life. Caveman inspired. US & Brazil.