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BI-based Reporting for Acumatica

DataSelf streamlines reporting for Acumatica by optimizing data and leveraging BI technologies for more informed decision-making.

Are Acumatica’s Generic Inquiries too complex & time-consuming for you?
DataSelf provides easier reporting and better analytics for more informed decision-making in the following ways:


The core component of DataSelf is ETL+, the most powerful data optimization and data warehousing technology on the market. It simplifies and expedites the report design and production process for Acumatica and all your business apps – individually and blended.


DataSelf makes reporting easy by leveraging with the top BI Technologies: Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Excel. These include infinite drill-down, multi-dimensional slice-and-dice, and a natural language query interface (‘NLQ’) – a Google-like search that lets you specify selection criteria using plain English.


DDataSelf speeds implementations by including the largest library of analytical reports in the BI market (8,000+ reports, dashboards, and KPIs). From year-over-year sales variances and predicting potential inventory shortages, to forecasting future cash-flow; reports run in less than 10 seconds making it easier and faster to get to the bottom line.

BI-based Reporting is up-and-running in under a day and affordably priced for companies of all sizes.

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Dashboards for Acumatica




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Take advantage of the exclusive offer for AUG Forums
30-day free trial and two hours of free training!