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The first good news is that DataSelf sells and supports all types of Tableau licenses. DataSelf can be your one-stop-shop provider of licenses and services for your Tableau and BI needs. We have tools and expertise with Tableau, MS SQL Server data warehousing, popular mid-market ERP and CRM systems, and how to securely deliver reports and dashboards to users.

The second good news is that DataSelf offers two Tableau approaches: the regular retail licenses and our private label version (Tableau OEM).

The Retail and OEM version have their own pros and cons. The Retail version usually requires more effort to establish data governance (management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of enterprise data). The OEM version main requirement is that its data feeds must pass through a DataSelf data warehouse (such as using DataSelf ETL, regular MS SQL Server extraction procedures, or MS SQL Server pass through views). The OEM is more affordable and provides an approach that makes data governance easier to enforce.

Overall, organizations with many data analysts and good data governance resources will find a good fit with the Retail version. On the other hand, organizations with more limited data analysts and requiring tighter control of their data might find the OEM version a better fit.

Here are more details about the OEM version benefits:

– Depending on the client’s user license needs, the Tableau OEM can be significantly more affordable than the equivalent retail licenses.

– DataSelf also sells Tableau retail Creator licenses so business analysts can explore new data sources freely. Once a new data source is approved to be distributed to a broad user base, the Tableau OEM framework guarantees that the new data source has been vetted and secured by a more tech-savvy person or team. This process includes checking if the new data source is reliable, how it can be automatically refreshed via DataSelf’s data warehouse, and then secured in a way that only the right people can access it. This process adds a few extra steps, but it guarantees a better data governance and data quality process.

We’ve had clients that started with the OEM approach and eventually transitioned to retail. Others that did the opposite, while most clients never changed the approach they started with. And now with yearly subscriptions, clients have more peace of mind for starting with the approach that seems best, and then switch to the other approach at the turn of every contract yearly renewal. This switch only requires a couple of hours to reinstall Tableau Server and change the license keys.

At the end of the day, we’re here to assist clients to get the most of their data in the most time and cost-effective way. Please contact us to discuss this further.

More info: https://dataself.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DS/pages/411435013/Leveraging+Tableau+OEM+Retail+or+Both

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