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The SMB Analytics Wire – June 2024

The Superpowers that Create Data Heroes

Everyone has their villains to fight…in business some of the biggest and baddest are the ‘Reporting Villains’.

  • The Data Monster prevents strategic and predictive insight.
  • The Programming Pig keeps you in programming purgatory with advanced technical expertise required…for everything.
  • The Time Eater delays the entire reporting process…from request through execution and distribution.
  • The Truth Hider muddies the results of analytics with conflicting metrics within KPIs, spreadsheets and formulas creating a lack of trust in the results.

If you want to fight back – DataSelf can help. Here are the tools that give you the advantage in combat!

Understand, Anticipate and Respond to Sales Fluctuations with DataSelf’s Year Over Year Variance Report


If only sales were consistent. Customers whose sales totals stayed high, items whose popularity didn’t wane, and salespeople who were equally successful with all their clients all the time…

Unfortunately, if there’s one hallmark of sales, it’s inconsistency. Clients’ tastes change, competitors emerge, and salespeople lose their mojo. Although businesses can’t necessarily control fluctuating sales, it is possible to identify them…to analyze them . . . to understand them . . . and address them. The key is having easy and consistent access to time-critical information.

Here’s how DataSelf’s Year over Year Variance Report meets these requirements in minutes.

What is ETL+ and why do businesses need it?

What is it?

ETL+ is DataSelf’s proprietary Data Warehousing technology that optimizes data for reporting, analytics, and historical storage. ETL+ connects with over 400 business applications to (E)xtract, (T)ransform and (L)oad data into a secure data warehouse.

Why is it needed?

Business insight is critical for success. Unfortunately, the volume and complexity of the raw data in application databases, spreadsheets, and other silos make that insight difficult to achieve. ETL+ Data Warehousing simplifies, streamlines, expedites, and maintains the single version of the truth of your data, thus increasing the meaningful analytics that can be drawn from it.

Learn more about how ETL+ can help your organization reach ‘data hero’ status.

DataSelf Achieves “Acumatica Certified Application” Status

Demonstrating our ongoing commitment to quality and longevity, we are pleased to report that our DataSelf Analytics solution has successfully passed the technical validation for Acumatica build 24.105.0036 (ISV Version 2).

Acumatica uses the ACA certification to help users easily identify business applications that seamlessly integrate with Acumatica ERP to help them achieve their evolving business goals. We are thrilled to achieve ACA status once again this year.

DataSelf BI-based Reporting: Benefits…and Beneficiaries

When evaluating the merits of BI-based Reporting™ software, it’s typical to consider the following questions:

  • Why do you need it? (What business pains are you trying to address?)
  • What does the software do?
  • How does it work?

As important as these questions are, there’s also an additional factor that needs considering:

  • Who benefits from this solution – and how?

When staff at all levels are equipped with better insight, companies see drastic improvements in efficiency, goal setting, time management and profits. Here’s how.

2024 Events

We had a busy couple of months and were happy to be able to meet with some of you at the spring events…

We are looking forward to connecting with you this fall at…

Upcoming Training Class Highlight

DataSelf offers ongoing training classes to ensure you and your staff are getting the most benefit from your BI-based reporting solution. We hold monthly live classes for each training level as well as self-service options for those unable to make the scheduled dates. Our upcoming classes include:

Additionally, you may be interested in viewing some of our quick video tutorials here (scroll down to ‘Tips’).

Join the DataSelf Team!

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DataSelf offers competitive compensation, significant professional growth, a flexible work environment, and a growing team of motivated, collaborative, fun colleagues.​ 

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