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Having returned from TPAC 2014 a couple of weeks ago, it’s been a blur!

I’ve enjoyed following-up with all our existing and prospective resellers and customers, along with digesting opinions and facts discussed during the event, particularly as a result of the BI and analytics panel I chaired. I’d like to thank my panelists, Seth Ellertson from Net@Work, and Tricia Cate from Vineyardsoft, whose help was critical in ensuring a large attendance and lively discussions. The panel was simply awesome! I loved when, half way through the panel, Seth redirected one of my questions to the audience – the whole dynamic changed! The canned questions went out of the window, and the audience took over the questions! At the end of the day, the panel was supposed to be “about them” – the resellers – and so it was!

After TPAC, I went snowboarding in Whistler for a few days (actually, my 1st time ever seeing blue skies over there – I’ve heard it was BEAUTIFUL, and now I can say it too). Then I got back to the grind revamping some of our marketing and sales efforts as result of TPAC discussions. I’m particularly excited about moving forward our partnership with Net@Work, one of Sage’s key resellers, and also developing relationships with new resellers interested in our solutions.

What a fun and productive event!

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