Why the Mid-Market?

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In undertaking the due diligence necessary to realize his vision, it was quite clear to that the BI marketplace was easily separated into two distinct domains. One domain consisted of the big Fortune 2000 players with the ability to spend millions on finding a reporting solution, and the other domain, comprising those smaller companies whose organizational structure enabled tight integration between management and operations, enhancing an already efficient line of reporting that supported sound decision making and wasn’t in need of further automation.

Given these two established domains, Joni immediately realized that a huge opportunity existed among those companies operating between these two domains: those medium-sized companies that needed to more efficiently manage their growth and capital, and could afford some form of advanced BI reporting that was intuitive and easy to use, simple to implement, and that ideally demonstrated an almost immediate return on investment (ROI) right out of the box. It was critical that while easy to implement, the varying skill levels of potential users would require a product that provided flexible and easily configured reporting with a minimal learning curve. DataSelf BI was the result of combining all these elements into one complete solution, a sophisticated, yet easy to deploy BI solution for mid-sized companies.

Once launched, DataSelf BI was priced specifically for the mid-market, dedicated to innovation in serving these companies as a trusted advisor, rather than simply just a solution vendor, a concept then lacking in this mature, yet ever-expanding market place. Along with providing a high degree of post-sales customer satisfaction, DataSelf’s BI solution offers sophisticated and intuitive analytics for any decision maker, and includes a comprehensive, yet easy to grasp set of preconfigured reports and dashboards, that serve as an indispensable starting point for any reporting challenge a busy manager may face, be it KPIs, assessing ROI, or identifying neglected customers.