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CFOs and Controllers know how important the privacy of their GL information is. We often hear questions such as: “Will my GL information be secured in DataSelf Analytics?”

We ask back “how secured is your GL information today?”. It turns out that most mid-size companies rely on the security framework provided by the ERP database to protect all data, including GL. Fortunately, today’s ERP systems use robust and highly secured database engines such as MS SQL Server which is considered one of the best in the mid-market. Assuming that a company is doing a great job maintaining their security settings and systems, then it’s all great!

However, hiccups may happen. For instance, one day the system administrator may be distracted when changing the security settings of an user and accidentally grant this person more rights than intended – for instance, giving a sales business analyst accesses to all ERP tables including GL and payroll. To reduce the risk of that from happening, be sure to have a professional and detailed-oriented system administrator taking care of your security settings and maintenance.

At DataSelf, we take the privacy of our clients very seriously. Our core team has been working with clients’ data security concerns for over 14 years. Our latest solution relies on an industry-standard, best-of-breed BI and analytics platform based on MS SQL Server and Tableau. And with that, we have top-notch security components, protocols, encryption and tools to guarantee that only the right people accesses the right data.

At the entry-level point, DataSelf Analytics relies on a MS SQL Server database to provide the same security framework of reputable mid-market ERP systems. On the other hand, our platform provides many ways to improve reporting security to much greater levels. For instance, our platform can split your data into completely separated and secured reporting systems. For instance, one DataSelf Analytics system only handles GL financial data with its own data repository, tools and user access. While a 2nd system handles operational data (such as AR, AP, sales, purchasing and inventory). Both systems can be in different servers, or even different servers in different networks. Overall, the more physically separated they are, the more secured the data can be.

In a nutshell, DataSelf Analytics uses a proven and high-end security framework to guarantee the security of your data. At the end of the day, only the right people can access the right data.

Does this post address some of your security concerns? What else would you be interested in knowing about this topic?

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