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CRM Templates

Includes 1,500+ Reports, Dashboards and KPIs

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Account (50 KPIs)Samples
Accounts by parent account, account age, acct manager, location, status, etc.
Activity (50 KPIs)Samples
Activities by account, acct manager, contact, status, time, etc.
Cases/Tech Support (680 KPIs)Samples
Tickets by account, acct manager, contract, technician, status, time, etc.
Lead (50 KPIs)Samples
Leads by contact, conversion data, location, etc.
Opportunity (1,000 KPIs)Samples
Opportunities by account, acct mgr, campaign, product, status, probability, amounts, etc.

DataSelf provides plug-and-play templates for the following CRM systems:
Infor CRM
MS Dynamics 365
MS Dynamics CRM
Sage CRM
Sugar CRM
Contact us to discuss other CRM systems.

The actual reporting package for each CRM may be slightly different. Subject to change without notice.