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The new DataSelf Analytics interface – powered by Tableau 10.1 – lets business people stay in the flow with their data. Users work smarter and faster than ever. Ask your questions, get your answers, and discover questions you didn’t even know you had. Below, you’ll see a sample of valuable new features.

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Analyze more of the data you care about, faster, with new connectors and data prep improvements.


Analyze your local JSON data directly in Tableau. Bring government data, data from web APIs, and other popular JSON data sources right into Tableau with a few clicks.


Union updates

Save time with wildcard unions. Union all files in a directory that match a specific condition, or all sheets in an Excel workbook. You can also union multiple Google Sheets workbooks with a few clicks.



See your Marketo data directly in Tableau with our new Marketo connector. Learn more about this powerful new connector.



Cube search for SAP BW
We’ve add a search box so you can easily find the table you need, even if it’s hidden among similarly named tables that are hard to distinguish visually.

Default schema for SAP HANA
Tableau now automatically selects the SYS_BIC schema for you, letting you get to your analysis faster. You can also specify a different schema if needed.

Calculated Parameters for SAP HANA
Analyze your SAP data faster. Use calculated parameters that evaluate SQL at runtime to get more relevant default values.

Connector Updates

Leverage parameters with more sources that support initial SQL including AWS EMR, MapR, Hive, Spark, HP Vertica, and more.

Google BigQuery improvements
Use level of detail calculations and enjoy faster validation of custom SQL when connecting to Google BigQuery.

More SSL support
Leverage SSL support for Netezza and Teradata.


Powerful governance and extensibility features for scalable enterprise deployments.

 Conditional Subscriptions

Stay on top of your changing business. Now receive email updates when data is present in your viz. When you have a new task in your workflow or a specific condition is met, Tableau will send you an email with the latest data. Learn how to use conditional subscriptions to quickly set threshold alerts.



Mobile app bootstrap
Embed Tableau vizzes into your mobile apps using our open source app example and documentation. Explore a sample open source app built with the Cordova framework and dive deeper with relevant documentation to assist mobile developers who are looking to take advantage of the Tableau platform.

Server client library
Stop writing reams of code by hand and save time by using the client library. It’s posted on GitHub, so you can get full access to the code and submit pull requests if needed.

Web Data Connector improvements
Build faster and more user-friendly connectors with the improved WDC. You can now create predefined joins for end users. Plus, for long-running operations, report progress to end users with a new API.

REST API improvements
We’ve added filtering and sorting to more endpoints for more flexible and powerful queries. The new Server Info endpoint tells you what version of Tableau is running on the server along with information about the latest version of the REST API.

Document API improvements
Programmatically change fields while working with TWBX and TDSX (in addition to TWB and TDS).

Automated installation of Tableau Server

Server administrators can complete an installation or upgrade of Tableau Server without sitting through every step of the process. Simply provide the configuration, licensing, and registration information specific to the installation in a script. You can now integrate with enterprise software management tools like Chef or Puppet for managing deployments.

Make your AWS deployment painless. To get up and running quickly, you can automate the deployment of an EC2 instance and then install a single-node Tableau Server with our AWS CloudFormation template.



Drill-up on continuous date fields

Easily explore data hierarchies with the ability to drill back up on continuous fields in Tableau Desktop.



Airport codes – Tableau now recognizes IATA and ICAO codes, making it even easier for you to map airports. Also you can now easily map second level administrative regions in the Netherlands.


Maps data

Understand geographic data more easily with postal code additions for Thailand and South Africa and postal code updates for the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey. We’ve also updated United States congressional districts.


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