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Here’s DataSelf Analytics overall competitive advantage against other high-end BI tools:

Better ease of use

  • On the client side, we use Tableau, which is considered the leader in ease of use, data visualization, data discovery, and analytics.
  • On the server side, we use Microsoft BI, which is considered the leader in BI infrastructure in the upper market.
  • See an overview of our solution and a link to Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics from February 2014 here.

Stronger out of the box solution: Our solution comes mapped to several mid-market ERP and CRM systems. It also includes more than 5,000 reports, dashboards, and KPIs. This covers a lot of our clients’ reporting needs, and it’s a great starting point for further customization.

Faster deployment speed: Days or weeks — far less than competing products.

Expertise: We’ve been working with BI and analytics for mid-market ERP and CRM systems for more than 14 years. We know those systems and know how to connect to them for reporting and analytics.

Lower total cost of ownership: The total cost of ownership, or TCO, includes license costs, the cost to deploy and customize your solution, and your own team’s investment in making the solution work for your needs. Comparing apples to apples, our solution’s TCO should be significantly lower than competing solutions.

Other advantages

  • Pricing model: We offer purchasing as well as subscription pricing.
  • Deployment model: On-premises or in-the cloud.
  • End-user access: Users will can access their reports and dashboards via desktop (PC and/or Mac), web, and mobile devices.
  • Customer base: There are more than 10,000 companies worldwide using the visual analysis tool that’s embedded in DataSelf; and we have deployed our solution to more than 100 companies that use mid-market ERP and CRM systems.

For more detail, see DataSelf Analytics Supporting Documents (PDF).

Please contact us at to discuss how we compare against specific BI tools.

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