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The new DataSelf Analytics interface – powered by Tableau 10 – lets business people stay in the flow with their data. Users work smarter and faster than ever. Ask your questions, get your answers, and discover questions you didn’t even know you had. Below, you’ll see a sample of valuable new features.

Tableau 10.0 offers many new features and enhancements –including more ways to connect and prep your data for analysis, improved formatting, new visual analytics features to help you ask and answer deeper questions, and lots of features for Tableau Server that makes content more discoverable and administration even easier.

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Define custom territories, filter across data sources, highlight data in context, and more with new visual analytics capabilities.


Quickly spot patterns and group your data with drag-and-drop cluster analysis.


Custom territories

Tableau 10 enables deeper understanding of your data with custom territories and to make maps of sales territories or simply explore your data regionally.


Cross data source filters

Trade in parameters or filter actions for cross data source filters. A single filter can be be applied to multiple data sources in a workbook.



Discover specific data in context, and perform ad-hoc comparisons with live highlighting.


Bar Charts

Go above and beyond with variable-width bar charts, cascade charts, and Marimekko charts with mark sizing control.


Advanced Analytics

Groups in calculations

Take your groups farther. You can now use groups in LOD expressions and other calculations.

Level of detail dimensionality

Use expressions directly within the dimension field of your level of detail expression. Get quicker results without creating an additional calculated field.

Table calculation updates

Easily author and see the results of your table calculations with our redesigned interface.


Connect and prep your data faster, with new connectors and data prep improvements.

 Cross-database join

Join data from different data sources, like SQL Server and Oracle. Publish the integrated data source to Tableau Online or Tableau Server to collaborate with others.


Google Sheets Connector

Now you can connect to Google Sheets directly from Tableau and take advantage of this powerful new connector.


QuickBooks Online Connectos

Visualize your accounting data directly in Tableau with our QuickBooks Online connector.



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