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Sage X3Sage X3 offers a bundled business intelligence package that works well for many companies. But there’s no such a thing as one solution fitting the needs of all organizations, and some companies struggle quite a bit with the wrong fit.

Does Your Company Live By Its Data?

Some companies live by their data. They have data flowing in from all directions: sales, marketing, warehouse, Google analytics, operations, finance, accounting, and more. These companies need a robust business intelligence system that can take multiple streams of data and produce clean, easy to understand reports.

Creating custom reports takes time and effort. First, someone has to tell the programmer what they need. They have to clearly articulate the full scope of the report. The consultant or programmer must create a detailed scope of work so that the project is clear. Next, the programmer has to access the database and code for the fields included in the report. Custom codes must be built and run, then tested, to ensure they work properly. Lastly, the expert must add design elements to the report. More time goes by until, finally, they deliver a draft to the person who requested the report. If the draft doesn’t meet their needs or is missing some elements, back it goes to the programmer, who needs even more time to fix it.

It’s a time and labor-intensive process that can make custom reports a nightmare for many companies. It’s one of the reasons why many companies settle for bad reports rather than no reports. It’s just too hard to fix them.

Does that sound familiar?

Self Service BI

One of the reasons companies turn to DataSelf is its self-service BI reporting capabilities. DataSelf comes with 5,000 pre-built reports. That sounds like a lot, and it is—but there’s more. You can take any one of those 5,000 reports and easily tweak them to your needs.

DataSelf, powered by Tableau, offers drag-and-drop functionality that is unparalleled in the BI market. If you can work your Pinterest boards or do simple things in Word with drag and drop features, you can use DataSelf. You can customize report needs, fields, and outputs all with a few clicks.

It’s not just the reports that are customizable. There are also built-in KPIs ready and waiting for you to start with. It’s like having a custom reporting expert waiting to help you build exactly what you need to use your data to its fullest capacity.

Think about it this way: Instead of waiting days or weeks for a custom report, you can have it in a matter of seconds with DataSelf.

The 10 Second Rule

I found out most users will not open reports that take too long to refresh.

How long is “too long”? It varies on an individual basis, but the DataSelf guideline is running reports under 10 seconds no matter how much data you have.

DataSelf delivers that speed because it leverages an enterprise-grade data warehouse and in-memory analytics platform. It doesn’t matter if you have a single source data base or dozens, or if your tables have 5 or 500 million records, DataSelf reports and dashboards will run in seconds.

One Person or Five Hundred? No Problem

The great thing about DataSelf is that it is so easy to customize a report that everyone in the company can get exactly what they need. If only one person needs a customized report, he can get it with a few simple clicks. If five hundred people need the report, fine — just share it with row-level security. It’s all possible with DataSelf.

Self-service BI and analytics … it’s a powerful concept whose time has come. DataSelf, powered by Tableau, offers you the power to make your reports exactly what you need.

DataSelf Powered by Tableau

DataSelf isn’t just reports. It’s a whole way of looking at business intelligence and analytics.  What if you could harness 5,000 customizable reports with a system powered by Tableau Visual Analytics? That’s the power behind DataSelf. Check out our DataSelf for Sage X3 video and see for yourself why companies love the customizable, integrated reporting dashboards we create. Contact DataSelf or call us at (888) 910-9802 x 1.

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