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BI at Sage Summit: Power and Performance

DataSelf Analytics works for medium-sized organizations right out of the box — and it keeps working and adapting as the business grows.

Easy self-service BI is for CEOs, CFOs, controllers, CIOs, and people in sales, marketing, and operations. Consume data anytime, anywhere.
A massive library of 5,000-plus report, dashboard, and KPI templates that provide value right out of the box. Business users even create or modify their own reports, dashboards, and KPIs without IT help.
Rapid-fire data discovery powered by the DataSelf drivetrain  with the top-rated Gartner visualization engine: Tableau.
Reduce labor-intensive reporting by over 80% with automatic refresh and distribution of reports.

See DataSelf Brochure for more information

Button_trialTest drive DataSelf with YOUR OWN DATA at Sage Summit!

To see your own data on DataSelf Analytics, bring us a copy of your ERP or CRM database on a USB stick or portable HD.

The process:

1. A temporary copy of your database goes onto our demo notebook at our Summit booth
2. We create an extract of your data and hand it back to you onto your storage device.
3. We give you a quick tutorial for DataSelf Analytics, some training videos, and a trial license of DataSelf Analytics Desktop.
4. With your data extracted into your DataSelf Analytics Desktop trial licenses, off you go on your test drive. You’ll be amazed by how easy, fast, and fluid your reporting and data analysis becomes.

Important notes:

– DataSelf Analytics desktop requirements: most Windows versions or Mac OSX 10.9 and newer; 2GB of RAM; 5GB of free disk space.
– After we hand back your extracted data, we will destroy our copy of your database.
– If required, please email us your NDA beforehand. Otherwise, you can use ours (find it here)
– Copy of your database: Please bring a backup of your ERP or CRM database. For example, a compressed and password-protected backup from your database from SQL v2008 R2, 2012 or 2014. Contact us if you need more details.
– If you can’t do this at Summit, click Trial it now to start the process now.

PStampromos and gifts at Summit

•   Free Licenses! Visit us at Sage Summit and get two FREE power-user licenses. Orders must include one server-software and be placed by Sep 30, 2016.
•   Cool Gift: not a pen, not a squishy ball. Come and get yours while they last.

Where to find us

•    Booth #1303
•    Attend our theater session (Tuesday, July 26, 2:00 – 2:45 pm) Location: Theater Exchange I

Theater Session — Business intelligence with power and performance: DataSelf and Tableau
Tuesday, July 26, 2:00 pm –
Location: TBD

Many Sage users push the same rock up the hill every month: They integrate data, set up reports, and distribute, all by hand. Self-service BI streamlines all that. Come see how DataSelf Analytics automates your process to save you time, money, and headaches. Powered by Tableau (Power BI also available), DataSelf’s own data warehouse and ETL, plus 5000 starter reports, dashboards and KPIs. For all reporting, including financials, sales, inventory, and CRM. Anytime and anywhere.


About the Author:

DataSelf Founder and CEO. Business intelligence. Lover of active life. Caveman inspired. US & Brazil.